God put the Knowledge in His WORD
About  Financial Knowledge 2021
The Blessing is voice activated and will not violate your authority. Don't work against it by speaking the wrong thing.

See I’ve been a full time business marketer in multiple companies and I built them “my own way” and this time around I’ve let God build it his way.  “My Own Way,” which was selfish and had a lot of other mistakes, that organization never lasted and neither did my income or sense of security.

Jesus teaches us to “Seek first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you.”  Jesus is not a success ATM machine but living life based on biblical principles is going to produce some good results in your life and Today I’ll teach you exactly how you can do this and…

You are going to learn from my mistakes and learn how my Marketing Business crashed and burned after I was full time paying all my bills working at home and How Jesus restored my business and my life Join Us in our Financial Movement  through our workshops Enroll at our Contact page: June 1st, 2019



You may have just enrolled in Wealth Creator Financial Empowerment Workshops to further your endeavor to attain Personal Financial Success.

You may be thinking, what's next or how I get started? My answer to you is it starts today. History has proven that the five key components to wealth and financial success are:

1. A Vision

2. Transformation of the Mind and Mentality

3. Financial Education

4. Business Ownership

5. Smart cashflow management/Financial Stewardship

Start Here:

This Kingdom Building Quick Start Orientation will teach every student to live by the word of God in building Wealth. Deuteronomy 8:18 says but remember the Lord your God, for it is He who gives the ability to produce wealth, and so confirms his covenant, which He swore to your forefathers as it is today. That's Powerful. We as believers have to empower ourselves with the word of God, which will motivate us to keep going to attain what the Father said we could have in His word in this life, with His word that's our ultimate goal.


Financial Empowerment Ministry!!

F.E.M Mission is to be Kingdom Builders and an institution that astounds the world, so the Lord God Almighty will get all the praise and glory, and create thousands of Financially independent families that will become a Blessing to their country, Community, and fellow man.

Our Purpose and Goal of this Ministry is:

1. To educate attendees on the process of building, buying, creating or acquiring Income Producing Assets.

2. To educate attendees about debt, income shifting, increasing new cashflow, and how to lower your taxable income Legally. 

3. To educate attendees on the fundamental differences between basic investments and investment products.



Millions of people are not attaining personal financial success because of the following reasons

1. Limited Income and Inflation - most people's income does not grow as fast as inflation, which causes millions of people to lose real income (buying power) annually.

2. Taxes - Americans lose approximately 33% of their income to taxes.

3. Expenses & Debt - Americans lose thousands of dollars annually on unnecessary expenses and interest on debt. 

4. Less than Ideal Financial Education - Poor cashflow management and investment decisions have cost many Americans significant cashflow lost.

"To measure your wealth, ask yourself this question," How much money will I make off my assets next year if I do not work?"




Two Major Obstacles:

A. Income to maintain a comfortable lifestyle for their families during their working years. (Wages)

B. Assets or Wealth to provide income during their retirement years. (Business, Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate, 401-K's, 403-B's,or Pensions)