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At the Federal Reserve Bank with Ben Franklin
Lots of woman was set free in the Lord
Houston MyEcon Center
Great turnout last night training with Mr Ivey Stokes 5 people was prompted to EVP in Houston and we

Baseshop Team


Write the Vision and make it plain!!!


10 Keys To Becoming A Great Leader

How to Go from Possibilty Thinker to Impossibility Achiever


1. Desire

2. Willingness to work

3. You have to believe

4. Commitment

5. Feel good

6. Know-How

7. Repetitous and Systematic

8. High F.Q. (Failure Quotient)

9. Vision

10. Become A Motivator


Myecon Baseshop EVP'S


Edward Townsend  (Houston, TX.)                                                        PDM

Teri Green  (Houston, TX.)                                                                    PDM

Deon Richardson  (Houston, TX)                                                            

Pamela Sam  (Houston, TX.)                                                                  PDM

R.G. Riley     (Pearland, TX.)                                                                  PDM 

Michelle & Darrin Daniels   (Houston, TX.)                                              PDM

Daniel Barrrios  (Houston, TX.)                                                              PDM

Rohan Beckford JR.  (Stafford, TX.)                                                        PDM