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Training that will help to add money to your next payroll?

HOUSTON, TX, - Started April 1, 2018, Workshops will be held the 1st and 3rd Sat. of each month. - Wealth Creator invites you to their weekly financial empowerment Workshops that will help to improve your financial status and add money to your paycheck as early as next payroll. Our financial empowerment training will help you to develop the best saving and budget culture that will help you to become successful in all your endeavors.

Wealth creator training program enables you to know the best ways to break the norm in the society to achieve financial success by taking care of the subsystems and systems that control your resources and that is the reason why we are here to give you the desired financial training that will help you to control your resources and your finances. 


The financial empowerment program organized by Wealth Creator Change holds every 1st and 3rd Saturday from 10: am-3:00 pm at Myecon Training areas in
Houston, TX. 77407

Helps Your Finances Grow - Helps Your Business Grow


Have you ever heard it is good to take care of the House of the Lord?

1. Have you ever heard it's not right for the temple of the Holy Spirit to be in lack, or not have bills paid on time?

2. Well I want to share that if you accepted Jesus as your Lord and savior, then you're saved under Grace and YOU are the church. You are the body of Christ! The Holy Spirit dwells in you! So let's ponder for a minute.. If it's your responsibility to take care of the church, doesn't that mean take care of your personal finances and family?

3. Doesn't it mean to make sure your life including finances are in order also. Should You not desire to have your bills paid on time and live debt free?


4. It's possible to those who believe. Learn to shift your mindset, learn to shift your income, learn to take care of your responsibilities. It's time for change. It's time to learn some new strategies.   Do You Believe?

Empowerment Mission


"To Build a Business an Institution that Astounds the World so that the Lord God almighty will get all the praises and Glory, to help thousand & millions of people Financially that will be a Blessing to their Family,  Community and their fellow Man".

" We Win by Execution "

Personal Financial Success Concept


Financial success is simply having enough cashflow to support one's chosen lifestyle. The amount of money a person needs to support their lifestyle is important; but the most important point is the money must come from two unique source.


1. Our career during our working years.


2. Our assets or investments during our retirement years.


The concept is straightforward. We must generate enough cashflow during our working years to support our lifestyle and simultaneously invest enough cashflow to build adequate retirement assets. We will need assets equal to approximately 10 times our annual desired retirement income. 

Declaration of Financial Empowerment


In order to attain Personal Financial Success and Wealth, we must uphold the principles of Minimizing Expenses and Debt. We vow to fully participate in Investment Education and Capital Markets and Wealth Creation Strategies.


Determination and consistency will serve as our guides, and we shall not allow external or internal forces to keep us from reaching our goals. By adjusting your thinking and embracing a new mandate that stresses planning, education and fortitude,we lay a strong, unbreakable foundation for the preservation and enrichment of our family, children and children's children.

From this day forward, we declare our vigilant and life long commitment to Financial Empowerment in the following.  




1. To give 10% to the Lord and invest 20%.


2. To be a proactive and informed investor.


3. To be disciplined and knowledgeable consumer.


4. To measure my personal wealth by net worth, not income.


5. To engage in sound record keeping, credit and tax management.


6. To teach business and financial strategies to my children.


7. To use a portion of my personal wealth to strengthen the community.


8. To support the creation and growth of profitable, competitive Minority owned Businesses.


9. To maximize my earning power through a commitment to Business development, Financial Literacy and professional excellence.


10. To ensure that my wealth is passed on to future GENERATIONS.

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